Indigenous Cacao & Chocolate Standard (Origin)

You can call it the First, Real, Original, or Legal Cacao and Chocolate Standard, which takes 'everything' into consideration regarding Theobroma cacao at its ORIGIN as a plant of "great economic importance" for all those who depend upon its exploitation, propagation, proliferation, as well as its conservation.

Introduction to the Indigenous Cacao & Chocolate Standard

A Legacy from the Guiana Shield, A Land that the Chocolate Industry Forgot: The Indigenous Cacao Standard establishes a new benchmark for ethically sourced, high-quality cacao and chocolate from its origins without consideration of the unethical history related to its modern exploitation. It goes beyond existing standards by focusing on the Guiana Shield's unique characteristics as Theobroma cacao's birthplace in biodiversity and the Indigenous Peoples' irreplaceable role in preserving this ancient heritage and traditional knowledge.

The scope of the standard extends to the first domestic cacao varieties near the Equator down to Bolivia and up through Mesoamerica and Veracruz in Mexico through 1850. The Indigenous Cacao and Chocolate Standard and Guide is essential for all cacao farmers that grow ancient, heirloom, and single-estate cacao in its legal origin as a source for other chocolate makers that rely on beans from these origins. The Indigenous Cacao and Chocolate Standard is a foundation for all other previously used standards because of its transparency and simplicity in treating biodiversity and origin. The Indigenous Cacao and Chocolate Standard is a standard that focuses on sustainability with the natural environment and the rights of the collective owners of the Theobroma cacao genome (the Indigenous Peoples) and their rights under contemporary international law.

The Indigenous Cacao and Chocolate Standard and Guide will be co-authored by the most affluent and knowledgeable cacao and chocolate authors, consumers, critics, connoisseurs, legal professionals, and well-known writers on the subject of chocolate and the chocolate industry who are willing to participate in the endeavor. We intend to release the standard before 2030 as one of our objectives aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Initiative and Agenda 2015-2030.   

The Guiana Shield: A Land Out of Time

The Legacy of Indigenous Cacao Cultivation

Core Principles of the Honorific Indigenous Cacao Standard:

Beyond Organic: A Natural Sanctuary

Surpassing Existing Standards:

Reclaiming a Lost Legacy:


The Honorific Indigenous Cacao Standard represents a commitment to ethically sourced, exceptional chocolate. By choosing Honorific Chocolate, you are not just indulging in a treat; you are supporting the cultural preservation and economic empowerment of Indigenous Peoples, while savoring the unparalleled taste of Theobroma cacao from the "Land Time Forgot."